The new direction of advertising for Seller accounts

The new direction of advertising for Seller accounts

It seems that this year we are going to have a lot of news about everything related to advertising on Amazon. In Amazing we celebrate all of them since the news they have been launching so far have always been positive, relevant and optimal for the management of campaigns and for the achievement of the objectives we have with our customers.

Until now having a Vendor (1P) or Seller (3P) account meant having a different management of their advertising campaigns due to the creation and optimization of them under two different and independent platforms. Vendors work with the Advertising Console, while Sellers manage their campaigns from Seller Central.

This will change in the coming months, as the advertising campaigns of the Seller accounts will also be managed in the Advertising Console. It will be possible to access it directly from the Seller Central platform, keeping the same user data.

This change will have really good reception because, very roughly, it will have the next messages:

  • The management and creation of campaigns, the reports of Sponsored Ads, the management and data of the Brand Store and the billing settings can be accessed from the same page.
  • The Advertising Console offers simple and intuitive menus, making the daily management of the account more agile.
  • This platform offers real-time notifications if any problem arises at the time of approving a campaign, or if any campaign runs out of budget, making it easier to make quick decisions.

For those vendors at Amazon, as is the case of some of our clients in Amazing, who have a presence in a hybrid format (i.e. they are vendors but also sellers) this change will provide them with a great change in terms of agility, working under a single platform and consequently, and in addition to the advantages mentioned, they will have significant management time savings.

If you have any doubts, we will be happy to advise you on the strategy to follow with your catalogue.


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