The importance of having the product Retail Ready on Amazon

The importance of having the product Retail Ready on Amazon

When you purchase a product in an online platform, the importance of how it is presented a product is crucial at the time of converting the sale. The fact of the product cannot be smell, touch, feel, prove or check the texture, analyse the packaging or any other aspect that we can know, make even further necessary the transmission of these sensations by the online product; either orally or in writing.

In Amazing, we know that every product file has to be perfect to convey the best of the product. In other words:

  • Having 6 images that show the product perfectly: as packaging as texture, using, application…and if is possible, a video, no more than 20”, which ambient the product and which provides complementary visual information.
  • Relevant product characteristics, consistent, with the information the consumer expects to receive or wants to have information about the product.
  • A title that complies with the Amazon taxonomy and that indexes Algorithm A9 perfectly well.
  • A description that complements those characteristics with advice on use, maintenance, ingredient details…
  • An A+ content that helps to complete all of the above with information of the company, using advises, additional visual details, comparison chart….

But even so, we lack of many other aspects that are not within our control and are fundamental to achieve the desired sales: the rating. It is very difficult to achieve sales if our product do not have ratings and be careful with the ratings; if they are negatives or not enough positives can lead us to failure and in an exciting way!

Getting ratings is a difficult, constant and relevant task. If you are selling on Amazon as a Seller (3P), you can contact with your client and ask him to value you both a provider as the product but if you are selling as a Vendor (1P) you will have to active the Vine programm (soon you will have a post about everything related to this programm) for this.

And once everything related to our product file has been explained; what does mean to have the Retail Ready product in Amazon? Retail Ready is a concept that Amazon uses frequently when we want to do an advertising campaign in one of its two platforms: Sponsored Ads or Display Ads. It is a simple as saying that a product is ready to receive advertising if it meets the following requirements:

  • Having the detail file in perfect condition.
  • Having stock.
  • Having a minimum of 15 ratings.
  • Rise a minimum ranking of 3.5 stars (in Amazing we recommend not to be below 4).
  • Having constant visits to the detail page and conversions.

From Amazing | Amazon Data Driven Agency we leave you our recommendation: if a product is not Retail Ready and you invest in advertising, you can have success but probably you will invest without obtain the expected results.


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