Shhh! 20 terms for success on Amazon

Shhh! 20 terms for success on Amazon

Don’t you know where to start in amazon? Don´t panic! Many companies and brands are overwhelmed by the complex system of this ecommerce giant.

However, from Amazing, as a digital marketing agency specialized in Amazon, we are going to tell you which are the 20 key terms to dominate and 100% squeeze the possibilities of the platform since day one. Take notes!

  1. ACOS (Advertising Cost of Sales): is the main metric to assess the investment in advertising between the sales.
  2. ROAS: this is the return of ad spend.
  3. A+ Content: the A+ pages include enriched contents and added value to the products.
  4. A9: Amazon search engine algorithm.
  5. Amazon Advertising: Amazon Advertising platform.
  6. Amazon DSP: Amazon programmatic advertising platform.
  7. FBA (Fulfilment by Amazon): refers to those products managed logistically by Amazon.
  8. Amazon Prime: it´s Amazon premium subscription program.
  9. ARA Basic and ARA Premium: Amazon Retail Analytics basic (ARA) and (ARAP) are the main tools of sales analysis.
  10. ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number): is the code that Amazon uses to identify the products.
  11. Keyword: keyword used by users when they are using the search engines.
  12. Brand Store: customized product store available to the own-brand sellers on Amazon.
  13. Buy Box: yellow purchase button located on the product detail page.
  14. Flash Offer: special offers in Amazon for a limited time.
  15. Detail Page: detailed information page of every unique product in the platform.
  16. Pantry Amazon: service for prime customers specialized in supermarket product service for prime customers
  17. Ranking: is the product position according to the number of sales in a specific category.
  18. Rating: the average rating, from 1 to 5 stars, that the product gets from the users.
  19. Seller Central: Sales platform in the Amazon marketplace.
  20. Vendor Central: Sales platform to the Amazon vendors.


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