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Each brand is in a different situation with respect to Amazon. There are elements of Retail, Content, Advertising and Promotions that gain more prominence depending on the life cycle and seasonality of each product in the different marketplaces and platforms of Amazon.


Content & Creatives

Creation and optimization of detail pages, A+ Pages and Brand Stores.

We generate high-impact product catalogs on Amazon that are attractive to consumers, favoring Keywords indexing, conversion and QLS (Quality Listing Score).


  • Creation, uploading, updating and maintenance of detail pages and data sheets on Amazon.
  • Catalog organization, updating and standardization. Adequacy of taxonomy in titles and descriptions and Keyword Research.
  • Generation of descriptions and HTML friendly Copy. Creation and layout of A+ Content and Brand Stores. Organization and adaptation of specific images.

Amazon Advertising

Management of Sponsored Ads, Amazon DSP, Video & Audio campaigns.

Strategic campaign planning, definition of Awareness, Consideration, Performance and Loyalty objectives and Implementation and Optimization of Sponsored Ads, Amazon DSP, Twitch, Fire TV, Amazing TV, Video & Audio and O&O campaigns.


  • Full Funnel Strategy combining Amazon DSP with Sponsored Ads.
  • Definition and management of targeted campaigns: Share of Voice, Marketshare, New To Brand, DPVR%, VTR%, ROAS, Total ROAS, Retargeting.
  • Advanced tracking and reporting with multiple levels of detail through Advertising Analytics.

Data Consulting

Business consulting and analytics at Vendor Central, Seller FBA , Fresh & Business.

At Amazing we help our clients to understand and analyze all the data generated by their brands on Amazon to make business decisions regarding objectives, budgets, performance and new opportunities in the marketplace.


  • Analysis of brand, product, commercial strategy and understanding of the portfolio and competition.
  • Customized operational marketing reports on Amazon: pricing, product listing, advertising and placement.
  • Generation of dashboards and ad-hoc reporting for data-driven strategic decision making.

Amazon Ad-Tech

Implementation of Amazon’s own technology such as Amazon Marketing Cloud, ABVP and Sizmek.

Amazon develops proprietary technology to improve the performance and execution of advertising campaigns. At Amazing we can manage and implement this technology for our clients and advertisers thanks to our Amazon Advanced Partner level.


  • Consulting and implementation of Amazon’s “Ad-Tech landscape”.
  • Publishers, Amazon DSP, Amazon Marketing Cloud, Attribution, ABVP, Sizmek.
  • Creative builder, Twitch, Fire TV, Alexa, Video & Audio, O&O.