New functionality in the Amazon Advertising platform: creative assets.

New functionality in the Amazon Advertising platform: creative assets.

Since a couple of months ago, we can now enjoy a new feature in the Amazon Advertising platform, the creative assets on Amazon. Which is the possibility of storing the creative resources that we are going to use in our campaigns within the platform itself. In this week’s post we are going to explain what this new feature consists of, its characteristics, advantages and other related topics.

First of all, let’s see what Amazon calls “Creative Resources”. They define it as “the new hub for your branded content where you can store, organize and reuse branded content on Amazon from a single interface”. In other words, you will have a space within the advertising console where you can always have at hand the advertising resources you want to use in your campaigns. In addition, this new section is directly integrated with the creation of Sponsored Brand campaigns and with the brand’s Stores.

In Amazing we consider this functionality as a great help when creating campaigns. By having to activate an infinite number of campaigns all these improvements save time and possible last minute unforeseen events as we will explain below. We will be detailing point by point everything related to this functionality so that at the end of the article you can see the ease of use and all the advantages of its application.

1.- What is a creative resource?

Amazon understands as a Creative Resource:

a) Brand and product logos.
b) Lifestyle images.
c) Product images.

We have already mentioned in other posts that when creating Sponsored Brand campaigns, the advertiser has several creative possibilities to customize the format. These three aspects mentioned above are the ones we can include in a customized creative as in our stores.

Who can access this resource?

  • Amazon advertisers, including suppliers.
  • Amazon sellers with their brand registered in Amazon Brand Registry.
  • Advertising agencies that manage their clients’ Amazon campaigns.

2.- How do we access?

There are two ways to access this new functionality:
a) Through the Amazon Advertising console

b)When you create your Sponsored Brand campaigns or stores, through the tool selector.

3.- Benefits and main features

They can be reused on all sites. This improves brand discovery and provides a richer shopping experience.

Save and Organize. You have one place where you can create your folders in an organized and completely secure way. You will be able to:

a) Upload in bulk or individually your images.
b) Upload images from your computer, Google Drive, Dropbox or One Drive easily and quickly.

You can request moderation in advance. This benefit is perhaps one of the most relevant since, as you know, campaigns have to be approved by Amazon Advertising’s moderation team. If you upload the images, you can request approval even without having created the campaign yet, which allows you to speed up the final approval when you create the campaign and thus avoid possible unforeseen events and stoppers in those campaigns that you create at the last minute and need to activate urgently.

You will be able to sort your creative assets on Amazon through filters so that you can access the images faster according to your objectives. The most common filters are:
– Approved by Amazon policy
– Upload date
– Dimensions
– File format
– Program
– Size
– Type
– Archived
– Moderation status
– Campaign name
– Campaign ID
– Store Name

At Amazing this functionality is saving us time and helping us to avoid common errors. The fact of having the image repository in an easy and accessible way allows us great agility when creating campaigns and, at the same time, to have very well controlled the ones we have used or are publishing so that when analyzing and optimizing the campaigns we have a clear idea of which images and creatives are working best. Our recommendation as experts in Amazon and Amazon Advertising is crystal clear: have the images well organized in folders according to the filters indicated above and do not leave their approvals until the last minute.



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