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20 Oct, 2021 | Uncategorized

This week, in this new brand post, we are going to comment on a new section so far only available in the USA but already in Europe and which is part of the detail page: the Brand Story on Amazon.

It is clear that every brand has a story that makes it unique and differentiates it from its competitors. Thanks to this new section created by Amazon, which is available within the A+ content management section, brands can now communicate and enhance their brand image and try to awaken that brand Top of Mind of the potential customer.

What is the Brand Story?

Around 74% of Amazon’s customers say that the brand has a very important weight in their purchasing decisions.

Amazon knows the importance of the brand and has designed a specific section for it: the Brand Story. The new functionality allows sellers to tell their brand story to buyers to increase trust, awareness and brand loyalty. It is a quick way to tell the potential customer about your USP (Unique Selling Proposition) and tell all the good things about it.

This new feature is available in the A+ content manager tab. A+ content allows sellers to improve the quality of their product detail pages with a more complete description of their products, supported by more engaging content, such as graphics and even videos if it is A+ Premium (paid). According to Amazon, A+ content can increase sales by 3-10%. The added Amazon Brand Story feature is expected to increase that percentage.

Where and who can create a Brand Story?

The Brand Story section is located within the A+ creation section of the advertising platform. Once created, it will appear above the product description and A+ content within the detail page itself.

Brand Stories can only be created by sellers (in Vendor or Seller format) who have registered the brand. It is the same when you want to create an A+ or a Store; without brand registration you cannot do it.

What is the benefit of creating a Brand Story?

We must be aware that on Amazon it only takes about 8 seconds to convert a visitor into a customer. And it is clear that one of the key factors is the content of the detail page. In that time he will make the decision to buy or to go to a competitor.

A detail page has a lot of information but the Brand Story is now a novelty that every marketer can not resort to and also helps you to emotionally connect your potential customer with your brand. You differentiate yourself from your competitors who cannot access the functionality and you also create a brand in the mind of the potential customer.

In short, a Brand Story can help you to:

1.- Show brand values

The Brand Story helps us to highlight the objective, mission and values of the company that manufactures the product. By communicating these attributes you can show that you are more than just a product. Being able to explain what you do and why is always a good conversion booster.

If they also communicate that the brand is responsible with the environment, even better since, nowadays, it is a fundamental aspect at the time of product purchase. According to a Deloitte research, 80% of consumers would pay more for products if they consider that producers are environmentally responsible and help society to grow together.

2.- Communicate uniqueness

When it comes to buying a product, every customer is faced with the dilemma of choosing a specific product or opting for its competitor. Communicating the uniqueness of a product can help to attract the confused customer.

Amazon’s Brand Story allows you to directly communicate those unique product attributes. Highlighting a product’s unique value proposition is useful especially if you are playing in a competitive arena. Therefore, the Amazon Brand Story allows companies to point out their competitive advantages and creates awareness of the product’s unique value.

3.- Increasing brand awareness

There is no doubt that a recognized brand positively influences the sale of a product. That is why it is important to create a brand. It allows you to enjoy the subconscious loyalty of a customer for a particular product or for future products.

Again, Amazon’s Brand Story allows you to create a brand through your products. Here you can show the company logo to customers and make them come across it again and again. This way, the likelihood of them remembering your brand increases and, in the end, helps you create a lasting impression in their mind.

It is said that 5 to 7 impressions of a brand are enough for the user to start remembering it. Although the functionality of the Brand Story does not allow much at the format level and does not allow many frills, it is a good way for emerging brands to communicate their brand values and differential proposal.

Tips for the creation of the Brand Story

To end the topic, from Amazing we make some recommendations when creating the Brand Story:

  • Make sure to use images with the highest resolution possible and with visual elements that instantly attract the user’s attention.
  • When writing the texts, as we do not have much space for it, use concise words and preferably written in the first person.
  • When communicating the brand’s story, do not be ambiguous, but rather direct and emphatic.
  • Keep in mind that the main objective of the brand story is to highlight the uniqueness of your brand and product.
  • Better to get to the point and include the information that highlights this uniqueness.
  • Add your logo somewhere in the images to reinforce the brand.
  • It is important to add people in your images so that customers see a humanized company and feel identified.

In Amazing we take advantage of this and all the new features that Amazon launches to the market and we apply them to our clients. Everything that involves having a more complete detail page and that brings value to the consumer will sooner or later translate into an increase in conversions.




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