Last Minute Promotions for Prime Day

Last Minute Promotions for Prime Day

As we have already mentioned in previous posts, Prime Day is one of the biggest events of the year that Amazon organizes. It is a time when a lot of traffic is generated to the Marketplace and all sellers have an opportunity to increase their sales regardless of the vertical or type of seller you are (Seller or Vendor).

By now you should have everything ready and scheduled for the big event, but we know that sometimes not all sellers can plan so far in advance. That’s why today we’re talking about what promotional actions you can take at this point so you can participate in Prime Day.

What can I activate if I have a Seller account?

Depending on the mode in which you are selling on Amazon you can activate promotions only active for Seller or for Vendor. There are some common ones but with small differences. Below, we will review those that can be activated under the seller model:

1.- Prime Deals, which as its name suggests is only suitable for Prime customers, so your products must be in FBA (using Amazon’s logistics for shipping the products). The main characteristics that define this promotion are:

– You can indicate the day and time to start the action.

– Your products must have at least a 3 rating.

– The minimum discount to apply is 10%. From that discount you can apply the discount that best suits your needs or circumstances.

– The price of the offer will appear crossed out in both organic searches (i.e., those that appear in search results) and on the product page (i.e., in your detail page).

In Amazing we recommend you to have enough inventory to cover at least two weeks of stock, although it will always depend on the rotation of your products and your ability to react to the need to send more units to Amazon’s warehouses.

2.- Coupons, which you can activate at any time, and which will appear with the green “Save XX on” tag in organic searches and in the product detail page. Their main features are:

– You can choose the start and end day of the action.

– It is a promotion valid for any product in your catalogue.

– The minimum discount to apply is 5% and, as in the previous case, it can be increased depending on the possibilities and objectives you have with that product.

– Your product will appear on the Amazon coupon page or section.

As for inventory, although it depends on the rotation of your products, we recommend having at least two weeks of stock in Amazon’s warehouses.

3.- Price discount, is the least recommended option since it does not have such a striking visual impact as the rest of the actions, but it never hurts to try it and see how your products behave. Its main features are:

– You can activate it for any ASIN.

– You can choose the start and end date of the promotion.

– You can apply the discount you want without having to meet a minimum %, but you can’t limit the discount to specific units.

– It is a good opportunity to work on the cross-selling of the rest of the products in your catalogue.

What can I activate if I have a Vendor account?

In the Vendor model, if you have not yet activated any promotion, you are a little more limited than in Seller. Even so, you have two options for Prime Day that we will discuss below:

1.- Coupons, which you can activate whenever you want, and on the products you want. The only drawback, unlike if you are selling as a seller and want to activate them, is that you must wait for your products to be approved by Amazon. It may be that, if they are low profitability products, Amazon will reject them. Its main features have already been mentioned before, they are the same except for the exception of Amazon’s authorization due to the modality in which you are selling in the marketplace. 

2.- Price discount. As we have indicated before, this is not the promotion we recommend since it does not have any visual impact on any element, not even on the product detail page.  Before, Amazon gave the visibility of this action with the price crossed out on the detail page, but now it is not sure that it will appear. So, this action is used to lower the price of the product in a certain period, but without any visual impact.

These are the promotions available during the lead up phase of Prime Day. It is never too late to take advantage of the traffic generated by this event, so take advantage of it and participate in it with the actions we have detailed.

On the other hand, don’t forget to advertise your products with a good campaign strategy, so that these promotional actions, and all the planned ones, have a good visual impact and reach customers who are looking for your type of products, or who by their purchasing behavior might be interested in them.



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