How to select products to Amazon Vine

How to select products to Amazon Vine

As we commented in our blog a couple of weeks ago about how to have a Retail Ready product the importance of valuations and consequently, the ranking of the product are vital when making a purchase of that product on Amazon. A product without ratings or with a very small number of ratings is difficult to sell in large quantities.

If you are a Vendor (1P) the only way to get ratings is by activating the Vine program. In order to explain the program in a simple way, Amazon sends the products we decide to enroll in its program to a pool of reviewers who will test the product and leave an evaluation of it. The reviews are guaranteed but be careful, they do not have to be positive if the product does not meet the expectations of the customer.

But who are these reviewers? Amazon chooses them taking into account their number of ratings and whether the consumer considers them relevant and useful. In addition, the selection is made according to the category in which the product is found and the target the vendor decides (age, sex …) to correspond the potential user or buyer of the product.

The Vine program has cost implications so the selection of products to include is key. It is mainly used for:

  • Launch of new products.
  • New brands in Amazon and thus launch its portfolio and brand awareness.
  • Products with very few reviews (less than 5).
  • Those products that need a little push because they are key and are not achieving the expected sales in the desired timeframe.

Steps to include products in Vine and costs:

Complete the application through the Vendor Central platform.
Send the contracted units (no more than 30 product units) with a specific Amazon label so that once they arrive at the warehouse they know that these products are for this cause.
Approximately, the average duration from the moment the product is shipped until the first Review is obtained oscillates in 21 days but always depending on the type of product that is treated (some need more days to verify its use, its operation and its result).
Including a product (rather an ASIN as Amazon calls it) in the program is 500 euros + VAT which has to be added the cost of products are shipped, obviously not borne by Amazon but the manufacturer.

Products that cannot participate in the Vine program on

Not all products sold on Amazon can participate in the Vine program. There are some general restrictions but here are some of them:

  • Products that require Amazon to retract or merge for shipping.
  • Products that require the purchase of another product for comment; for example, an ink from a specific printer that only works on that one.
  • Those products catalogued as Adult products.
  • Products catalogued as hazardous in transportation.
  • Digital products.
  • Alcoholic beverages.

In Amazing |Amazon Data Driven Agency, we advise our clients to select the products to include in the program, we elaborate their strategy and we control the affiliation is perfect and without errors to obtain the best result of the hiring.


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