Goodbye ARA Premium. Hello Amazon Brand Analytics

Goodbye ARA Premium. Hello Amazon Brand Analytics

First of all, from Amazing | Amazon Data Driven Agency we send our most sincere support in these difficult moments for all.
We hope that you and your family and loved ones are well.

Not surprisingly, the alarm state in which we find ourselves is hogging all the news related with Amazon. Because of that, it’s going unnoticed one of the biggest news of Amazon on 2020. The presentation is on April 1st, 2020 and it will mean a change in the data report that Amazon provide to all its 1P Vendors through its Vendor Central platform.

Since the next month we will say goodbye to the famous ARA report (Amazon Retail Analytics). For those who are not familiar with the term, ARA is one of the Amazon´s own analytical tools which, until April 1st, had a free (ARA Basic) and a paid version (ARA Premium). These reports offer data, differentiated by sections, related to customer behaviour, inventory, sales…keys necessaries for the good management and for the definition of the strategy to be followed at Amazon.

The new ARA is called Brand Analytics and we can make a little progress on its look and feel, its sections, news, new data…because everything is a big mystery. It is said that is the result of a combination between the report available to Sellers (3P), which they access through their Seller Central platform (more detailed in sales information), together with the current ARA, as said, there is no confirmation from Amazon.

In Amazing, we have been notifying to our clients by months that this report changes and in order to access to the new one, there is an obligatory requirement and is to have the brand or brands that you commercialize registered on For that, if you have not done yet, go ahead as soon as possible or you will not be able to access. And, how is it done? You will only have to register through the Amazon Brand Registry, filling a form with the most important aspects which certify and demonstrate the ownership of the brand. Once you have done this, you should have the positive confirmation of the registration within a week.

So from April 1st we have a new report! Our analytics department is looking forward to the change, as Brand Analytics will surely provide many more functionalities and we will be able to further refine our client’s strategies. We will analyze it in detail and in the near future we will tell you more about it.


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