Five tips to optimize your Product Listing pages for the Christmas season

16 Nov, 2021 | Uncategorized

The Christmas 2021 campaign is already here. We can already see the stores decorated, the lights on or about to be turned on in the main streets of the city, the nougats, and marzipans in the first position on the shelves so you can breathe a crazy desire to have a different Christmas than the one we had last year. In this new post, we provide you with five tips so you can optimize Product Listing pages for Christmas.

Online shopping has grown tremendously given the circumstances we have been experiencing since the early 2020s. Many lost their fear of online shopping and have been able to experience its virtues: convenience, ease of shopping, fast delivery… and among them Amazon remains crowning the world of marketplaces.

This year, in addition, we have the China supply chain issues. Manufacturers are having stock problems and rising prices of raw materials as well as rising transportation costs, which has caused consumers, fearing that they will run out of product, to buy even more in advance. If we additionally add that we are already in the “Early Black Friday” the struggle to get that user to buy my product becomes even more furious.

If it is true that in this period it is necessary to activate consistently, under a good strategy and with a thorough control advertising campaigns on Amazon, we would like in this post to give you some tips on what we should do in these dates with the organic positioning of our products. According to internal data from Amazing, 44% of consumers do not go to the second page of search results on Amazon, so it is very important to make sure that the product detail pages are optimized for search and customer conversions. Let’s start with the 5 tips to optimize Product Listing pages:

  1. Understand how Amazon’s search engine works

Amazon’s search engine is product-based and designed for shopping so its goal is to show consumers the most relevant products based on the search terms they enter. Amazon’s search engine is product-based and designed for shopping so its goal is to show consumers the most relevant products based on the search terms they enter.

The algorithm A9 is based on two fundamental principles:

  1. Performance: a product with a strong sales history will rank better in search results.
  2. Relevance: a product that effectively uses the right words to match the customers’ search terms will also rank well.

It is true that between the two parameters, Amazon gives priority to those products with solid sales but we must not forget the relevance of my product with what the consumer is looking for.

2.- Optimize the keywords of your listings taking into account the period in which we are

Search terms or long tail keywords (three or more words) are more effective in displaying products to the user. The more relevant and detailed the search term is, the more relevant search results Amazon will display to the consumer. Therefore, it is necessary to search for those keywords that rank the best in order to include them in the detail tabs. If this is not done, you run the risk of choosing keywords that few customers use and therefore, your product will be shown to a very limited number of people.

There are many tools on the market that makes much easier the search of these keywords but even so, we must take into account that there are three other relevant sources, which have no cost, such as the Reviews of your products, the product sheets of your competitors and the top products of category and subcategory in which your products are found. Analyze them and see what words they use and those that can fit with your products, use them.

3.- Optimize your titles with keywords related to Christmas 

Another aspect that we must take into account in order to optimize the Product Listing Pages is the title, it is the section of the detail page that is most indexed and therefore, the keyword with the most searches should always be included.

The words included in the title will determine where the product will appear in search results, so make sure your title is concise and relevant to your target audience. Amazon offers category-by-category style guides, as each product category requires a unique title structure.

The title should clearly identify what is being sold and balanced being brief and keyword riched. We recommend you include the color, size and other attributes of the product, which may be the main keywords, and indicate the quantity included, if applicable.

For all the reasons explained above, including keywords related to gifts, Christmas or seasonal trends at this time, is a very good idea to gain positioning and relevance in searches.

4.- Optimize bullet points by highlighting relevant product features

You can include up to 5 bullets so we have enough space to tell the benefits of the product. In these bullets do not forget to include the most important keywords.

Three things to keep in mind about these bullets:

  • Include essential information and how your product can be better than the competition.
  • Think about what “hurts” the consumer and try to address how your product solves those problems.
  • Remember that they index 1,000 characters in total, not per bullet point. 

5.- Use the product description to drive purchase for the upcoming holidays

If a customer comes to read a product description, it is because they have a clear intention to buy. Therefore, you have to use this space wisely and optimize the Product Listing pages correctly. At Amazing we are clear that this section is perfect to provide more detailed information about the product or value-added feature that we have not been able to include in the bullets. In addition, including the brand’s story and vision is a plus when it comes to gaining consumer trust and establishing credibility.

As in the previous case of bullets, descriptions should be limited to 2,000 characters and therefore be informative and concise.

We are 10 days away from Black Friday and you still have time. In addition, we have all the Christmas ahead so from Amazing we recommend you to make a good product portfolio analysis, select well your Top Asins, and make this review of tabs to arrive well prepared to the most powerful months on Amazon, with more traffic and higher purchase volume.



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