Do you increase your sales through the store?

Do you increase your sales through the store?

Creating a personalized customer experience where the user is comfortable and be able to browse efficiently, is one of the keys to sell in Amazon.

What are the Amazon Stores? The stores are a free brand and self-service spaces provided by Amazon to push forward to advertisers to offer some products or contents which drive directly to the customers to discover the rest of the brand’s products.

Is important every store has a concrete strategy

  1. Show the brand image, its story and which is its value proposal.
  2. Use rich content and attractive: quality images, videos and a story.
  3. Update the content continuously.
  4. Convey the same message and identity than in the rest of the media where you appear.

Design the structure of the store with a purpose

Through an optimal design of the store the users will be able to browse in a more efficient way inside and their navigation of the catalogue will be more specific.

  • Understand the customers way of decide, their main needs and the perspective of the customer journey.
  • Concretize hero ASINs, unics or new products.
  • Use the tiles to classify by category, use, needs or kind of products.
  • Is relevant to have product lines according to: topics, lifestyle, etc.
  • Boost products offerings through the use of cross-selling putting links that direct buyers to other relevant products.

Better way to work and prepare the stores

The hero products are very useful for the brand beacause they enable to show to the public the image of the brand, as well as, the lifestyle it promotes.

  • Use of high definition and cropped images. How more professional is the aspect of the detail pages, more trust generate.
  • Typographical errors and bad images could cause a substantial disminution of the customer interest in the product and brand. Because of that, is important check every text and detail.
  • Make sure of product catalogue can be appreciated in the same way in every technological device.
  1. Lead the traffic to your store. The linkage of your Sponsored Brands campaigns to your store have a 22% more effective that if they are linked to a product catalogue page.
  • The most successful campaigns are those that rise the expectations of client.
  • If the campaign is related directly with a subpage of your store, you have to make sure of the vinculation is directly linked with it and the Sponsored Brands keywords drive directly to these products and not to others.

2. Link to your store from outside of Amazon. The use of Display Advertising (outside of Amazon), through the Amazon DSP, lead to the brand store to get a customer journey adapted to the user since the discovering until the purchase in Amazon.

  • Use the short URL (unique web address) in the Display advertise to lead the clients to your store directly. This URL distinguishes between uppercase and lowercase letters.
  • Thanks to the origin tags, you can see the traffic and sales of the store.

3. Publish your store. The stores raise the buy experience welcoming the traffic intern and extern sources.

  • All the communications of the store go through a moderation process until they are aprobbed.
  • Is necessary to organize while you are waiting to the approval, because could last up until 72 hours.

In Amazing we help you to ensure your store is in perfect condition so when the clients arrive, it generates the necessary trust, which means a considerable increase of conversions. Because of that, we think is very important a good management of campaigns to lead quality traffic to the store, where customers end up being converted.


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