Do you generate qualified traffic with your keywords?

Do you generate qualified traffic with your keywords?

One of the biggest desires of the Amazon sellers and vendors brands is to be placed in the first positions when the users do a search related with their category or product. Honestly, this is not easy. Every brand compite to get it, because this means a bigger awareness and a great increase of sales. If a brand wants to lead in positioning in some searches it’s very important having a set of paid keywords to ensure it.

But, is the good use of keywords really so relevant? And, how do you know if you have chosen the best keywords in relation to your brand?

The brands with a useful and well worked keywords have a great part of the game won because they play with an advantage over their competition since it will generate much more traffic and conversions.

Conclusion? As a brand you have to ensure that with a specific keywords you lead in sales when the user use them. If you do not lead through these searches is very difficult to get a real performance to sell in Amazon.

In order to choose a keyword it is essential to carry out a previous research before the launching of the product in Amazon. All the time spent researching to discover the most useful keywords for products can really help to maximize the revenue potential. If this pre-work is done well, the use of keywords will raise the product to the highest rank in searches.

Is it really important to implement a keyword strategy? Yes, it is something that really makes a difference and yet there are many more things that need to be considered to squeeze its performance: 

– Using the Keyword Explorer and simple tactics.

– How to use keywords to attract more buyers, sell more units and ultimately generate more earnings;

Amazon is the largest search engine in e-commerce in the world. In fact, almost half of all product searches start on Amazon. Most Amazon users are very focused on shopping and therefore want higher speed and efficiency.

The A9 algorithm decides how height is positioned a product according to each search. There are a number of factors which, if you get them, have a lot of influence on the algorithm and help brands to position their products at the top of the search results:

  • Sales volume of the product in the past
  • The relevance of your product (by title, bullet points and description).
  • The number of customers who add the product to their shopping cart
  • The unit/session percentage of your product:

– Formula to measure the viability of your product and that indicates the number of units sold with respect to the number of visits.

– Amazon only wants to show the products with the best percentage to guarantee user satisfaction.

The construction of these factors requires a little time, except for the relevance that is solely under its control and specific dedication.

A tool that is very helpful to boost performance in this regard, are Keywords Explorers. By using them, many high-conversion and high-ranking words can be generated increase the visibility of the product

Explorer gets the data on advertising directly from Amazon and if someone write in the ASIN or a related phrase it shows the information of the associated keywords. The use of Keyword Explorer allows not only to benefit from data on your performance. In fact, it mainly contributes to its generation.

Once a specific keyword has been entered in Explorer, it will show the number of searches produced and their trend. Then, it also allows you to see all the combinations where the keyword appears, generating a new list.

If you are not sure which keywords may be relevant, you can begin your research by referencing a competitor’s site. This tool has many use cases and keyword research on Amazon is one of them, especially if you want to learn from successful Amazon sellers. 

If your business is already live on Amazon, you can download a list of search queries that make sales. This is called automatic targeting, and one of its benefits is that Amazon will display your ad to any relevant search query. This is based on your product description. However, targeting can be quite extensive, and we don’t want to pay for clicks directed to the wrong traffic.

In Amazing we care about our clients get the most out of their brand and product keywords. That’s why Amazing has a team that specializes in Organic Paid & Search optimizing and updating brand keywords.


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