Product placement

Category: Electronics and consumption

Ramifications: Product Listing, Consulting




This consumer electronics client needed to make its way into its competitive category to improve its positioning in Amazon Spain.



Optimizing the product detail pages in relation to the main Keywords of the category.

The Project


First identifying the long tail searches of potential customers of the category through a Keyword Research strategy. Then apply it to the Taxonomy of each product detail page to improve the organic placement and CTR% of Sponsored Ads campaigns.


During the whole project, and until today, the Product Listing is still working and optimizing all the Assets of the brand’s main products:

  • Main keywords, front and back end.
  • Updating and conservation of contents.
  • Taxonomy and Organization of all elements.
  • Normalization and standardization of the catalogue.
  • Descriptions and titles Amazon Friendly.
  • Constant keyword research.
  • A+ Content.
  • Configuration of the brand store.
  • Improvement of images and photographs.
  • Implementation of multiple cards and variations.



  • More than 250 optimized product ASINs.
  • 20% of the catalogue in the first positions of its category.
  • Improvement of 180% in CTR% of Sponsored Brands campaigns.
  • Increase of x3 in sales compared to the equivalent period of the last year.

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