Launch of new catalogue

Category: Beauty

Ramifications: Product Listing, Advertising




This beauty client, needed to take control of their brand and products on Amazon in Europe. The target was to capitalize and increase their product sales and add new categories.



First, the products already uploaded to the platform by other retailers were identified. Then the product portfolio was completed with the most potential products to sell on Amazon.

The Project


After identifying the right collection and choosing the main or hero products, and the rest of the ASINs in the range, called base, the detail pages were prototyped to be relevant in every language, Spain, Italy, France, Germany and UK. Then, a monthly product launch was scheduled with a mix of marketing promotions to encourage the first sales, the sponsored ads to capitalize their product searches, and always a display campaign through Amazon’s DSP to improve consideration.



The products managed in Amazon reach a quota of 10% of turnover in just one year, compared to other sales channels of the brand.

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