Advertising campaign optimization

Category: Health & Personal Care

Ramifications: Advertising




This client, an internationally recognized pharmaceutical laboratory, wanted to improve the performance of his campaigns on Amazon for his active cosmetics line.



First, a performance audit is done to identify the most relevant KPIs for the brand. Then a Sponsored Ads campings, of attack and defense of brand, are implemented. These campaigns are combined with another line of generic long tail keywords.

The Project


The campaign is long term, allowing to optimize the ACOS throughout the year using and balancing the budget of campaigns between different ad formats according to the goals of each product and its life cycle on Amazon. Specifically, the average budget distribution was 30% for Sponsored Brands and Brand Store to improve the placement, Product Display Ads to improve consideration, and Sponsored Products to improve the conversion.



The average ACOS brand on Amazon stands at 10%.

The average ROAS for the entire catalogue is 9.85€.

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