Electrolux is the case of a great product that needed a great solution to achieve great growth.


Electrolux’s journey began in 2020, when they detected the need to boost their MDA (Major Domestic Appliances) vertical to achieve a great positioning of their products on Amazon and boost sales in this marketplace.
The initial situation was lack of visibility and number of sales far from the target. Amazing offered a disruptive solution to reverse the situation in such a complex vertical within Amazon.


Amazing focused its efforts on implementing a solution that differentiated Electrolux from its competitors and was aligned with the brand’s high value-added strategy.
The solution that made the difference was the combination of purchase behavioral audience campaigns that were impacted through Amazon’s DSP in line with the rest of the Marketing actions in the marketplace channel.
The services with which Electrolux exceeded 25% of its target in just a few months were:
– Sponsored Ads to improve organic positioning.
– Amazon DSP to raise awareness of the AEG brand and reach new audiences.


“Amazing is an Amazon centric agency that has a unique expertise in the market in everything related to Amazon data. Amazing was able to understand the insights provided by Amazon campaigns to find the right positioning for our brand in the Marketplace.”

Borja Cameron, Head of Marketing & Digital Iberia at Electrolux


Increase in ROAS


Increase in sales