Case Study: we have increased a 57% the monthly sales of the toy market Schleich Iberia

Case Study: we have increased a 57% the monthly sales of the toy market Schleich Iberia

In Amazing we add a new success in our 2019! We have got the German toy market, Schleich Iberia, increases its monthly sales in a 57% on our country. We have been working in this goal since September last year thanks to the impulse of its advertising in Amazon during non festive seasons.

What was the target? Accelerating the company’s sales and boosting the presence of its toys in Amazon. What have we done to achieve it? We´ve pursued a dual strategy combining Sponsored Products (ads which appear as a search results and in the products detail page) and Sponsored Brands (ads which appear in the searches with the brand logo, a title and up to three of the products).

Precisely, with this last action we have increased the total sales attributed to advertising by…50% almost! As a results, Schleich Iberia recorded a 70% improvement in average cost of sales (ACOS) and a growth of double the CTR figure. In addition, we also prioritize the products with most sales potential by a specified mix of marketing for every category.

Seems like a lot of work, doesn´t it? Well, we do not stop there, as we also define the keywords to each toy in two different campaigns; one with keywords with the name Schleich and another much more generic terms with keywords like “toys” or “toys for little children”. In this way, we made sure that not only the brand´s main products appeared on the front line of vision, but also the new launches!

And, if all this was not enough, we also optimize the the bids of all the campaigns every week since last year September. Every fortnight, we took a look to the keywords reports to rank underperforming ones as negative. These reports took into account the click rate (CTR), if the campaign focus on brand awareness, and the average cost of sales (ACOS), if it is focused on conversion.

Behind all this there are hidden a lot of hours of work by the entire Amazing team. It was an ambitious goal, as we was not just boost Schleich Iberia sales in Amazon, we wanted to boost also their brand awareness and visibility in the platform, and we have got it! A goal achieve with a success results which we are very proud of.

What will the next challenge bring us?


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