Amazon vs. Coronavirus: Essential products

Amazon vs. Coronavirus: Essential products

First of all, we hope you that you and your family and loved ones are well. 

At Amazing | Amazon Data Driven Agency we work with top level brands  managing and optimizing their advertising and contents on Amazon. Thanks to our know-how we know that in this alarming situation is more important than ever to adapt quickly and quickly to the drastic changes that all of us are suffering on Amazon.

As Amazon Centric agency we are receiving many questions about the evolution of the platform, both in Spain and in other countries. As there is a lot of daily information about it and much of it is confusing, we have decided to make a special about it, which we will feed periodically, in order to put some coherence, sense and order to everything related to sales and marketing on Amazon and the circumstances we are living.


What are the essential products?

There are some confusing messages about Amazon’s decision to suspend deliveries of products that are considered non-essential to consumers. But this is not exactly the case.

The first thing to understand is, what are the products that Amazon considers essential? Essential are items in categories for health and home, food, industrial, scientific and pet supplies, and baby products.

In the rest of Europe, Amazon will only receive vital products (medical and household) for stocking at the moment, whether they come from vendors or FBA orders. The aim is to preserve storage for what consumers need most at the moment.

Does this mean that now you can’t buy anything on Amazon that is not essential? No. Consumers can order products that are in stock, although such deliveries will be slower. At the same time, they will be able to order from those sellers who do not depend on Amazon logistics and have sufficient stock.

Once this situation is known, the consumer should have no problem ordering any of the available products. The detail sheets will show if they have stock, and if so, the purchase can be processed as usual. Deliveries will not be as fast as usual, but will eventually reach the homes.


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