Amazon: Branding or Performance?

Amazon: Branding or Performance?

In Amazing we have clear that Amazon is the most influential digital marketing tool of the world. With this statement we are not only referring to the direct sales carried out in this channel, but also to the fact that users visit this platform in their search, comparison and decision to purchase products. All the brands must realize that no matter what sector you are in.

In fact, 87% of the online consumers will buy what they find on the site of a brand or retailer in Amazon. As a result, incorrect or incomplete content on a branded website and/or mobile application has prevented 97% of online shoppers from making a purchase, according to Episerver’sReimagining Commerce 2019‘ report.

This is a new study that justifies the importance of working in detail all the contents in Amazon and thus improve the relevance of the products, what we usually call Product Listing. At the same time, promote brand recognition through Amazon Advertising.

The main reason to combinate the quality and advertising contents jointly is because the customer is already using Amazon, not only as a place of purchase, but as a place of discovery of new products.

In this sense, Amazon makes available to advertisers many types of tools to cover the entire customer journey of the client. These are just one example of the tools that we use in Amazing with our clients:

  • Sponsored products: improve the visibility of the individual products with ads which appear in the search results and in the detail page of the product.
  • Sponsored brands: increase brand recognition with your logo and custom title in the ads that appear in the search results.
  • Brand stores: the make customers repeat their purchase with your own Amazon website.
  • Display Ads: display your brand in websites, applications and devices in Amazon and other sales channels.
  • Video Ads: they combine moving images and moving sound in ads that you can place on Amazon websites and on the Internet in general.
  • Personalized Ads: Empower your brand recognition with innovative and personalized advertising experiences.
  • Amazon DSP: A programmatic buying platform that offers advanced features for buying ad placements in Amazon and other sales channels.


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