Amazing team

What defines us…

The forecast

We are currently in an expansion process with BrandHero, with the goal of being the Procter & Gamble of e-commerce, achieving exponential and global growth. The future is always uncertain, although we see how Amazing is growing exponentially, with the consequent need to incorporate talent to our team. Our activities include training the team in everything related to Amazon Advertising, off-site training days or team-building activities. One of our values is to have fun with our clients, although we also apply this value by having fun with our employees on a daily basis.

Culture & Corporate values

At Amazing we are looking for people who understand our values, can make them their own and help us to develop our day-to-day activities in the same way. Our values include transparency, being clear with our actions and transmitting all important information clearly and simply to employees, society, customers and shareholders. We are innovative and curious, seeking novelty, knowledge and research as a source of growth opportunities. We are natives of the VUCA world and are fully integrated in this convulsive environment of our time, moving with ease in the complete, volatile, uncertain and ambiguous as part of our daily lives.

We are Amazing

Meet part of the Amazing Team, our human capital formed by young professionals with expertise in areas capable of managing and optimizing content and advertising on Amazon.

Our team is made up of five sections: Amazon Advertising, Content Marketing, eRetail & Analytics, Account Management and People & Culture.

Amazon Advertising


Team in charge of the strategy, management and optimization of Amazon campaigns, both Sponsored Ads and Amazon DSP.

Javier Correro

Manuel González Seoane

Celia Ruiz Noval

Andrea Pérez Román

Lucía Hidalgo Olascoaga

Almudena San Román Gómez

Hollie Shanley

Sofía Alonso

Content Marketing


Team in charge of listing new products on Amazon and optimizing their descriptions and content, A+ Content and Brand Stores.

Sara Ballesteros Peña

Silvia García Abad

Sara Rojo Gueimonde

Giuseppina Speranza Montero

eRetail & Analytics


Team in charge of the strategy consulting and marketing actions on the different Amazon sales platforms such as, Vendor Central, Seller Central FBA, FBM, and Fresh.

Miriam Vega

Claudia Gordillo Pérez

Gabriel Cid

Account Management


Team responsible for the leadership and execution of Amazon projects, Amazing Team coordination and daily dialogue with the client.

Gabriel Rueda Rossi

Gabriel Aguilera Peña

María Carballido de Paz

Paula Ayerbe Dárceles

People & Culture


Cross-agency team to support aspects such as administration, communication and marketing, human resources, internal training and organization of company parties.

Luis Jordana de Pozas Ivars

Cristina Menéndez Ibaseta

Life at Amazing

Now that you know the whole Amazing team, you would like to know what benefits our employees have: flexibility to telecommute, learning and development possibilities, friendly and inclusive environment, teamwork, international environment, coffee and snacks always available in our office… and our growth!


What’s involved? We will build the Procter & Gamble of e-commerce. By remaining an independent agency, we will service BrandHero’s sellers, which means Amazing’s growth will be exponential, global and BRUTAL!