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Amazon Centric

We are a digital marketing agency specialized in Amazon

We manage more than









In Amazing we help brands to dominate Amazon


We deal with the management and continuous optimization of the product catalogue and the advertising campaigns. 


Every product detail page in Amazon has more than 700 elements to optimize.


Every product has its own life cycle and its own marketing mix, that includes organic positioning, retail marketing, sponsored ads and programmatic advertising campaigns.


Every product is like a “micro-business” that must be managed in a personalized way.


In addition, Amazon Advertising is offering on and on new solutions and functionalities.



Our clients win with us planning appropriately their product calendar and outsourcing the continuous management of the organic positioning of their products according to user searches, making the most of advertising campaigns, as within Amazon with Sponsored Ads as outside Amazon with Display Ads through the DSP of Amazon.



Amazing is your digital marketing team in Amazon

Amazing Tech Stack

The ecosystem of technological tools around Amazon is huge.


We identify the most usual operational management functions in Amazon and we choose and use the best tools avaliable in the market.


 We care about choosing and using the best tools for our customers to focus on their business while the performance of their activity is improving in Amazon.


In Amazing we are Service Providers.


In Amazing we are Pasionate, Innovative, y Disruptive. We deal with this challenge from the experience we have in the digital sector, supported by specialist teams in Amazon to offer the most complete experience to our customers.









Joaquín Otamendi

Corporate Director

“I provide to our clients a strategic and differential vision in Amazon”.









Mariví Hernández-Ros

Operational Director

“I provide to our customers an efficient and operational management in Amazon.”









Antón Suarez

Sales Director

“I provide to our customers a commercial and competitive solution in Amazon.”

The opportunity is now.

The dominance of digital marketing by Google and Facebook has changed. Amazon has become a new global giant and the brands in Spain cannot longer stand on the sidelines. 

The customers are increasingly demanding and expect more from brands. They want an online experience adapted to their needs and Amazon is their favorite place. The users do not just start most of the searches, but rather they complete most of the online shopping.

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