A+ Premium is now available to Sellers for free

15 Sep, 2022 | Amazon, Featured

We have been talking over the past months about the importance of having the product detail pages completed, with good images, title and bullets with relevant keywords that comply with Amazon’s taxonomy, a good description that makes the consumer fall in love; a Brand story that positions the brand well and an A+ that adds value and communicates everything that has not been communicated in the bullets.

Regarding the A+ in particular, we find that there are still many products on sale on Amazon that do not have it. It may be because the seller does not have the trademark (mandatory to qualify for it); because it does not have enough visual content, because it does not have more to talk about the product… or for whatever reason but does not show it and it’s a shame because having a good A + helps a lot the conversion rate (in some categories up to 35%).

More than a year ago (how quickly time goes by!) the A++ or A+ premium was launched to the market. These A++ started to be  used by very recognized  top brands such as Apple, Samsung, Braun, L’Oréal … and it was mandatory, to be able to use them, to be selling under the Vendor format, were offered by Amazon (as an invitation) and had an associated cost (which was around 500 euros for each of them). Well, we are lucky now as Amazon has announced that they are now available for Sellers and for free.


What requirements are needed to be achieved to be eligible to publish an A+ premium?

In order to qualify for this opportunity, seller accounts must meet two requirements:

1.- All ASINs in the catalogue they are bidding on Amazon must have a published Brand Story.

2.- They must have at least 15 A+ content project submissions in “Approved” status in the last 12 months.

Needless to add, since we take it for granted, it is also essential to have the brand registered in Amazon’s Brand Registry. This condition is also essential to be eligible for A+ Basic.


What are the main differences between A+ and A+ Premium?

In the next section of the post, we will see several examples of A+ and A+ Premium but we will indicate in a basic way what are the main differences between one and the other. Let’s look at the table below:

It is clear from this summary table that the possibilities offered by the new A+ Premium are worth to be taken. In Amazing we know it and we are already applying it to all accounts that have the opportunity to do so.

Example of A+ and A+ Premium.

Undoubtedly the wording “a picture is worth a thousand words” in this case is fulfilled and more than fulfilled. Below we are going to show you some examples of A+ standard and A+ Premium so that, with a quick view, you can see the clear difference.

Examples of A+ Standard

These examples are a sample of A+ that cover all 5 modules, add value to the product detail page and correctly include the cross-selling table. We show you A+ from very different categories in order to demonstrate that attractive designs can be made with any product no matter how “glamorous” it happens to be.



Examples of A+ Premium



In both cases we see that they have taken full advantage of the 7 modules or sections and have included the differentiating modules of: Q&A, interactive modules, video, the interactive comparison table and the carousel.



It is a fact that a well-done and consistent A+ helps conversion. In products under the technology category or high-priced products you must convince your customer that you are the best option, and a good A+ helps to achieve that goal. So, as an Amazon Centric agency, we encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity that Amazon offers now and if you need help send us an email without any compromise to hola@amazingagency.io so we can attend your needs.


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