A+ Content Experiments: knowing your consumer

A+ Content Experiments: knowing your consumer

The optimization and updating of content has always been very determinative for sales in Amazon. However, a lot of brands do not give enough importance to develop A+ content to enrich the product detail pages, without knowing the real effect on the increase of consideration and conversion.

The brands, thanks to the A+ content, are be able to convey the description of its products, a more detail its image and message. As an effect of the good use of this content, the user experiences a more satisfactory customer journey.

To find out which A+ content best fits what the brand wants for its product listings, content experiments are very useful. From them, data and results are obtained and can help the brand to improve the content, that is, to discover the content that works best in order to increase sales. Amazon has developed a new tool for A+ content called Experiments Learning Center. This tool empowers brands to test the content of their listings and decide based on wich results are better.

Why the A+ content has so relevance? Because is the content nearest to the users and his purchase experience. In many times, when a user is browsing for some detail page, the A+ content is what cause wondering and ending the purchase. The A+ content provide detailed information and answer to the users´ most common questions through the adition of high quality images, comparative charts, detailed descriptions, etc. with this new program for A+ experiments, brands will be able to ensure that they really get the design of this content.

Example of A+ content that can be tested by brands:

  • Changes in the comparison table, add or delete.
  • More A+ content at a glance on the detail page.
  • Add new relevant and detailed information.
  • Use of images of the product in use, lifestyle or product as standard. Always high quality.

After the elaboration of the content of the experiment, it is necessary the vendors maintain it during a time in the page, in order to be able to obtain revealing results. On the other hand, if companies really want the content to have a different effect on consumer behaviour, they must make sure the content of the A/B experiment is different.

Using the Experiments Learning Center, Amazon calculates the results of the A+ experiment weekly based on cumulative performance. These results can be displayed for each of the ASINs where the experiment is performed. If the provider decides to perform new experiments but on the same ASINs, this will allow him to know the consumers better. The provider will be able to know what works best depending on the customer’s lifestyle or seasonality.

The truth is the effects of A+ content on customer consideration and conversion is real. Amazon conducted a small sample test and the experiment increased sales by 6%.

At Amazing we have a team that specializes in creating A+ content to drive the results the brands are looking for. At the same time, we also have a specialized team in results analyzing that the metrics provide to help brands make the right decisions that really make them grow in Amazon.


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